Amanda Bynes: Troubled Past Comes to Light Again as Actress is Placed on Psychiatric Hold

Former child actress Amanda Bynes was placed on a psychiatric hold after being found walking naked in LA. Her past struggles with mental health and conservatorship have resurfaced.

Former child actress Amanda Bynes made headlines again after being placed on a psychiatric hold following a troubling incident in downtown Los Angeles. According to TMZ, Bynes was found walking without any clothes on before flagging down a car and telling the driver that she was “coming down from a psychotic episode.” The actress herself then called 911, leading to her being taken to a nearby police station and placed under a psychiatric hold.

This recent event has brought to light Bynes’ past struggles with mental health and her conservatorship. In 2013, Bynes was placed under a conservatorship that gave her mother legal control over her finances, among other things. This decision followed a series of public events that culminated in Bynes being hospitalized after allegedly starting a small fire in a driveway. Since then, Bynes has received treatment in several rehabilitation centers and has largely stayed out of the spotlight.

Last March, Bynes’ conservatorship was terminated after the actress filed for it to end. Her attorney told Fox News Digital that Bynes was “excited and looking forward to living independently” after the decision was made. However, the recent incident in LA has raised concerns about Bynes’ mental health once again.

It remains unclear how long Bynes will be hospitalized under the 5150 hold, but the incident is a stark reminder of the challenges she has faced in the public eye. Despite her past struggles, Bynes graduated with an associate’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California in 2019, showing her determination to move forward with her life.