Athletic leading brand Andar launched “LIGHT SWEAT COLLECTION” with ITZY at 10 a.m. on April 28.

The “LIGHT SWEAT COLLECTION,” which was unveiled along with a pictorial of Andar brand model ITZY, is a collection that reinterpreted items that made headlines last year at Vancouver Fashion Week as a real way, and are signature items that are expected for the upcoming summer.

ITZY’s pictorial, which was released with the new collection, can be seen together with the sensuous styling, which is explosive for consumers.

ITZY’s pictorial, which was released under the concept of “Day & Night,” attracts more attention by creating a mysterious mood with colorful night views and a clean and refreshing image of the day. Along with the pictorials of ITZY, personal videos of each member can also be found on Andar’s website.

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