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“Thank you for the Bang Bang Concert. A wonderful night with the best music, I’m very happy.”

It is the voice of an ARMY who loves BTS (Jin, RM, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, Jimin and Suga)

Watching BTS‘ online streaming festival “BTS ONLINE CONCERT WEEKEND” prepared by BTS for fans, he left such a cheering message on community platform Weverse. The other ARMY also wrote to Weverse, “I’m so happy. I feel overwhelmed and choked up. I’m just going to watch “Bang Bang Concert” all day today,” he said, taking and posting photos of the official cheering stick, Army Bomb.
As the new coronavirus infection (CORONA 19) spreads around the world and the era of untact (non-face-to-face) has opened, BTS chose the untact performance “Bangbang Concert.”

It released “Bang Bang Concert” on YouTube channel Bangtan TV on Wednesday and Wednesday, bringing together Army from around the world.

◇ 2 million global fans are cheering in the front row of the main room

“Bangbang Concert” is composed of eight parts from noon on the 18th and 19th, collecting the actual performances of BTS‘ existing concerts and fan meetings. On the 18th, “2015 BTS LIVE ‘Hwayangyeonhwa ON STAGE'” and “2016 BTS LIVE ‘Hwayangyeonhwa ON STAGE: EPILOGUE”, as well as “BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE II THE RED BULLET” and 2016 fan meeting “BTS 3 MUSTERMZ.” On the 19th, “2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR IN SEOUL” “2017 TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR THE FINAL” and 2018 fan meeting ‘4TSBERT’ concert ‘LOVE YOURSELF SEOUL”.

From BTS‘ spirit and fresh charm to its further growth, it was very fun to listen to and watch the performance live. Fans’ reactions were also enthusiastic. When “Bang Bang Concert” began on bulletproof TV, the number of simultaneous users exceeded 2 million and remained around 1 million despite a 12-hour run. Fans who watched the performance at the actual concert hall left a touching comment, recalling the memories of the time, and those who couldn’t see it at the concert hall were thrilled, saying, “I really missed you.”

Fans were disappointed as BTS‘ concert in Seoul was canceled due to the reason of preventing the spread of Corona 19, but “Bangbang Concert” calmed the disappointment. Instead of just watching various performances on the home turf, he drew enthusiastic responses from fans with ideas that add meaning and emotion, such as the Amibam interworking system and hashtag events, and presented a performance culture in line with the new era.

◇The lights of the amibam connecting to Bluetooth

Leading the world, BTS was also different from others in “Untact Performance.” Beyond releasing the performance in the form of online streaming, he noted “how fans enjoy it.” Big Hit Entertainment has joined forces to realize the joy of its fans with the advent of the Untact era. That’s how Amibam and mobile interworking services were created. Usually, cheering sticks are tools that shine in concert halls, but they are useless in the current situation where many people cannot gather. The use of “Bang Bang Concert” came alive. He bought a cheering stick, but it shone properly thanks to Big Hit’s system developed for ARMY, who must have been sad that the concert was not held.

Big Hit played the “Bang Bang Concert” video on Weverse and set the ARMY BOM in Bluetooth mode to provide a service that changes the color of the ARMY BOM, which is linked to the performance video, depending on the song. As a result, the fans’ disappointment turned into a new sensation and made them feel connected even though they are separated. In fact, not only YouTube bulletproof TV but also Weverse and various social networking sites were lined up with fans’ touching messages toward “Bangbang Concert.”

In other words, the new attempt, which is the result of focusing on the experience of fans, the beginning and essence of “Bangbang Concert,” has served as a hub for the era of Untact. Through the “Bang Bang Concert,” Big Hit has set the stage for fans from all over the world to unite and further participate together. In fact, Big Hit’s Weverse developers, who worked hard to develop interworking services for Weverse and Amibam, thought about how to use the ARMY Bomb online, a device originally built as an offline cheering tool. It is said that the company has gone through difficult procedures ranging from app testing to store approval in order to implement technologies that change color depending on video changes. Their hidden efforts have led to an innovative connect culture of the “untact era.”

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