Apple AirTag leads police to robbers who stole over $1M from armored truck

Police tracked down two men who robbed an armored truck in Homewood after an Apple AirTag was hidden in one of the stolen containers. The AirTag led law enforcement to the suspects' location where they were arrested and hundreds of thousands of dollars were recovered. One of the robbers confessed to the crime while the other denied involvement.

On Tuesday morning, two armed robbers held up a Brink’s armored truck in Homewood, Illinois, and stole over $1 million in cash. The robbers, identified as Darrell Singleton and Devonte Davis, pistol-whipped one of the guards and forced him to give up seven plastic bins containing $100,000 in cash each, as well as 10 deposit bags with approximately $50,000 each. The robbers then fled in a stolen Nissan Maxima.

However, the robbers didn’t realize that one of the containers they had taken contained an Apple AirTag, a small tracking device that can be used to locate lost items. Law enforcement officers were able to track the AirTag to a residence in Calumet Park, where they found Singleton and Davis along with hundreds of thousands of dollars and two guns.

Singleton admitted to committing the robbery during questioning, but Davis claimed that he was not involved. Both men were arrested and face charges of armed robbery. The recovery of the stolen money and arrests of the suspects were credited to the use of the AirTag, which was able to lead the police directly to the robbers.