Arkansas Razorbacks Quarterback Dismissed from Team Amid Sexual Assault Accusations

Arkansas Razorbacks remove quarterback Kade Renfro from the team following allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

The Arkansas Razorbacks football team has made the decision to dismiss redshirt junior transfer quarterback Kade Renfro from the team in light of allegations of sexual assault and harassment that were posted on social media.

The accusations, which were made through an anonymous Instagram account, claimed a history of assault and harassment over the years. The university’s athletic department immediately reported the allegations to the Title IX office upon learning about them.

While Renfro has not been charged with a crime, the university stated that he is no longer a member of the football team. The account that initially posted the allegations has since been deleted, and Renfro has also deleted his social media activity. Renfro, who was previously committed to Ole Miss before transferring to Arkansas, has faced setbacks due to knee injuries and did not play last year.