Armed Robbery Leaves Good Samaritan Injured at Los Angeles Drive-In

Two suspects stole cash from Lucy's Drive-In in Los Angeles, leaving a Good Samaritan injured. The staff questions if the restaurant was targeted.

An armed robbery at Lucy’s Drive-In in the Mid-City neighbourhood of Los Angeles ended with a Good Samaritan injured and the suspects escaping with only a small amount of cash.

According to reports, the suspects entered the establishment just before midnight on Tuesday and appeared to place an order before sneaking under the counter’s Plexiglas and making off with the cash register. During their escape, a customer bravely attempted to stop the robbers, but unfortunately suffered a head injury after a brief struggle.

The staff at Lucy’s Drive-In are now questioning whether the establishment was specifically targeted by the armed robbers or if it was simply a crime of opportunity. Despite the potential danger posed by the suspects, they were only able to escape with a paltry sum of $400.

As of late Tuesday night, the search for the two suspects continues, as local authorities work to bring those responsible to justice. In the meantime, the community is left to grapple with the unfortunate aftermath of this violent incident.