Arrest Made in Robbery of Elderly Man Outside Trader Joe’s in Ventura

Ventura police apprehend suspect who allegedly robbed an elderly man outside a Trader Joe's, investigating the incident for possible injuries.

Ventura police have announced the arrest of a suspect involved in the robbery of an elderly man outside a Trader Joe’s store on S. Mills Road. The incident occurred on May 18 at approximately 3 p.m. in the store’s parking lot.

According to law enforcement officials, the suspect approached the victim and forcefully pushed him before seizing his wallet from his pants pocket. Subsequently, the alleged robber fled toward the nearby mall, where he reportedly changed his attire. The Ventura Police Department did not disclose any information regarding the extent of the victim’s injuries resulting from the incident.

The authorities have taken swift action in apprehending the suspect, marking progress in their ongoing investigation. Further details about the arrest or the suspect’s identity have not yet been released.

The Ventura Police Department continues to gather evidence and interview witnesses as they work towards ensuring justice for the victim.