ASTRO for 'Comeback D-DAY', 3 Points to Watch for our 7th Mini Album 'GATEWAY'

ASTRO for ‘Comeback D-DAY’, 3 Points to Watch for our 7th Mini Album ‘GATEWAY’

Astro’s “GATEWAY” will finally open.

ASTRO for 'Comeback D-DAY', 3 Points to Watch for our 7th Mini Album 'GATEWAY'

Astro will release the music video of its seventh mini album “GATEWAY” and the title track “Knock” on major music sites at 6 p.m. today. Interest in the comeback is hotter than ever, as it has raised expectations for a comeback to the highest level by releasing pre-promotion content such as official photos, highlight medley and teaser videos one after another even before its release.

Ahead of the album’s release, its agency Fantagio Music cited three viewing points to enjoy ASTRO’s new album in greater depth.


Astro will release its seventh mini-album “GATEWAY” today (on the 4th), opening its closed doors. “GATEWAY” means “the door connecting different spaces” and means that Astro, who has become a time traveler, will pass through the door and move on to another world. Its title track “Knock” is ASTRO’s knock to open the door to the new world as mentioned earlier. In the addictive melody, the lyrics say that you go back in time and take someone you can’t meet now to a world where you can be together forever.

In particular, the title track “Knock” has been worked together by renowned lyricists and composers, including Isran, to enhance the perfection of the album. Through the impressive title song of the chorus of “Go to You Knock Knock Knock Knock,” Astro’s “power refreshment” will be fully felt.

ASTRO for 'Comeback D-DAY', 3 Points to Watch for our 7th Mini Album 'GATEWAY'

After a year and four months, six time travelers

This album is the first album in a year and four months since its first full-length album “All Light” released last year. With the return of “stage master” Moon Bin, who represents ASTRO, many fans and the public are paying keen attention to the synergy of the six members.

In the upcoming album, Astro will transform itself into a “time traveler” who crosses time and space. In addition to the official photos released, the music video teaser video also features objects that can feel the distortion and flow of time, completing the image of Astro sensibly as a “time traveler.” Its title track “Knock” and the concept of “Time Traveler” are combined to create a mysterious atmosphere.

‘Icons of freshness’ moving on, unrivaled ‘power freshness’

It is the return of Astro, the legendary “fresh icon.” Astro has been receiving much love for its debut song “Hide and Seek,” “Breathless,” “Confession,” “Baby” and “Crazy Sexy Cool,” earning the modifier “Cool Idol,” a representative of the K-pop scene.

Among them, Astro redefined the meaning of “coolness” through the album. As an “Icons of Refreshing,” it will show ASTRO’s unique “Power Refreshing” charm by adding a new charm, not just a conventional refreshing beauty. Powerful and mature freshness that only Astro can express will catch the public’s eyes and ears at the same time.

Above all, the company will show the all-time “power refreshing” charm through the performance of its title track. Expectations are high for the completed performance of “Performance Strong” ASTRO, as the choreography has been shown with short, energetic, and intense power through the choreography spoiler video.

Attention is drawn to Astro’s seventh mini album “GATEWAY,” which constantly tries to change within the same concept of “coolness” without hesitating to try new things and challenges.

Meanwhile, ASTRO’s seventh mini-album “GATEWAY” will be released at 6 p.m. today (4th), and you will be able to see all the songs on the music site as well as the title track “Knock.” Later at 8 p.m., he will hold a comeback V LIVE through Naver VLIVE to talk about the new album.

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