Barricade Situation in Long Beach Resolved as Police Determine Suicide

Long Beach police respond to reports of gunfire and a barricade situation, which is later determined to be a suicide.

A barricade situation in Long Beach, California, has been resolved after police responded to reports of gunfire inside a building. According to the Long Beach Police Department, officers arrived at the scene on the 2100 block of Williams St shortly before 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

Upon arrival, evidence of a shooting was found, leading the authorities to believe that the suspected shooter had barricaded themselves inside a nearby building. As a precautionary measure, officers surrounded the area and initiated evacuations of the building while advising residents to shelter in place.

After a few hours, the police department announced that the situation was being treated as a suicide. Following the assessment, police gave an all-clear in the area, indicating that the immediate threat had been resolved.

Details regarding the identity of the individual involved in the incident and further investigations are likely to follow as law enforcement concludes their examination of the scene.