Bee Attack Sends Man Collapsing on Live TV in LA Neighborhood

A man collapsed on live TV in Los Angeles after being attacked by bees in Encino. The LAPD volunteer was taken to hospital.

A bee attack in Los Angeles’ Encino neighborhood resulted in a man collapsing on the ground, which was captured live on television. On Monday, emergency crews responded to a call of a bee swarm on Adlon Road in Encino. A volunteer with the Los Angeles Police Department arrived at the scene to help, but the bees attacked him. As he tried to fend off the bees, he fell to the ground, and his partner kept the car door closed since he was still around the swarm of bees.

Eventually, he was able to walk away from the area with help from other uniformed people who went to treat him. The uniformed LAPD volunteer was taken to the hospital, marking the second person injured in the bee attacks. Officials did not say where the swarm of bees came from or how the bee problem came about in the Encino neighborhood. Professional bee removers have been called to assist with the situation in Encino.10