Big Hit “BTS malicious commenters fined…There is no leniency.”

Violators of the group BTS have been fined.

“We have filed several complaints with the investigative agency based on reports from our fans and evidence collected through self-monitoring,” said Big Hit Entertainment, the agency of BTS. “Some suspects have been fined for securing the identity of a number of suspects at the investigation agency, and other suspects are under investigation.”

Big Hit regularly carries out legal action against BTS for malicious slander, dissemination of false information, sexual harassment, insults and libelous posts.

“It is difficult to disclose the details of the investigation process, progress and punishment at the request of the investigation agency, but we inform you that the punishment is being carried out sequentially,” Big Hit said. “There have been cases in which a representative has been appointed to apologize and requested an agreement, but in any case, there has been no agreement or choice.”

We filed a complaint based on the malicious post data newly obtained this year, and the investigation agency recently launched a formal investigation. We have also filed additional complaints against those who continue to commit malicious acts despite previous legal actions,”

Big Hit has announced that it will continue to take continuous and regular legal action through its own monitoring and asked for active information.

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