BLACKPINK LISA, 12 million views on dance performance

BLACKPINK LISA, 12 Million Views on Dance Performance

BLACKPINK’s Lisa performed a dance performance where sensuality and charisma coexist.

Lisa posted a video of “LILI’s FILM #3 – LISA Dance Performance Video” on her personal YouTube channel “LiLI’S Film” on April 20. With Lisa’s collaboration with choreographer Cheshir Ha, deep soul has been added to her captivating dance scene, adding “mushroom chocolate” by Queen & 6LACK, which is attractive, to create an impenetrable performance.

Appearing in a black and white costume, Lisa showed off her cool dance moves, moving her arms and legs freely. In particular, Lisa’s rich expression and delicate movements created a fantastic atmosphere, making it impossible to take the eyes off the viewers. It was a short time of about a minute and a half, but Lisa’s intense mood filled the video, drawing enthusiastic responses from fans.

BLACKPINK, which includes Lisa, participated in pop star Lady Gaga’s new album as a feature on Sunday. In addition, the company is stepping up preparations for the new album, drawing more attention to its global moves in the first half of this year.

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