Blackpool Zoo Hiring Human Seagull-Scarers: Must Be an Excellent Flapper

Blackpool Zoo is hiring five individuals to wear an eagle costume and use their flapping skills to deter seagulls from stealing food from visitors and penguins.

If you’re an energetic and outgoing person who’s an “excellent flapper,” then Blackpool Zoo has the perfect job for you. The zoo, which is located in the seaside resort town of Blackpool, has been facing issues with seagulls stealing food from visitors and penguins for years. They’ve tried several different methods in the past to deter the seagulls, including eagle kites, large bird of prey statues, and even training one of the zoo’s birds of prey to patrol the skies.

However, this year, the zoo’s operations manager decided to try something different. They’re hiring a team of five people to wear an eagle costume and use their flapping skills to scare the seagulls away. The costume is something that the seagulls haven’t seen before, and as intelligent birds, they’ll naturally dislike it. Additionally, the costume makes a sound when the person is moving, which the seagulls also won’t like.

Photos and videos of the seagull deterrent in action have gone viral on every continent, and the zoo has received more than 200 applications, with some coming from as far as Australia, Thailand, India, Ukraine, and Uganda. Zoo officials said, “The job vacancy has broken the internet. Visitors are all asking for selfies with Britain’s newest celebrity!”

Applicants for the job must be visitor-focused, friendly, energetic, flexible, and outgoing, as they’ll need to be comfortable wearing a bird costume. “Lively, energetic, fun, and, most importantly, an excellent flapper, will be top of the essentials list during interviews,” zoo officials said. If you think you have what it takes to become a human seagull-scarer, then Blackpool Zoo wants to hear from you.