BOL4, EXO Baekhyun will be Realesed New Song Collaboration

BOL4, EXO Baekhyun will be Realesed New Song Collaboration

Singer-songwriter BOL4 and EXO’s Baekhyun heralded a surprise collaboration.

On the afternoon of the 29th, BOL4’s agency, Shopar Music, released a scheduler image of BOL4’s new mini-album “Puberty House II Flower View Butterfly,” which will be released on May 13, on its official SNS channel.

According to the released scheduler, BOL4 will release various contents such as concept films and official photos sequentially, starting with the opening of the track list. In particular, Baekhyun of EXO, a popular global group, was found to have participated in featuring in the pre-released song ‘Butterfly and Cat’, which will be released on May 7. It is unusual for other singers to feature in BOL4’s songs.

BOL4, EXO Baekhyun will be Realesed New Song Collaboration

As Baekhyun has shown various charms by sweeping the top music charts through collaborations with various artists such as Suzy and Soyou, the collaboration with BOL4 is also expected to draw a good response. In addition, Baekhyun is preparing a solo album with the aim of releasing it in late May, drawing attention to his various musical activities.

BOL4 showed its outstanding ability as a singer-songwriter, with all albums written and composed by her receiving great love. In addition, last year’s mini-album “Puberty House I Flower Glow” received a lot of love by maintaining the top of the music charts for all songs, and questions are being raised about what kind of songs the series will continue the mood with.

Meanwhile, BOL4’s mini-album “Pubes and Cats,” pre-released song “Butterfly and Cat,” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on May 7.

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