Brooke Shields’ Protective Stance: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Modeling

Brooke Shields shares her concerns and sets rules for her daughter's modeling career, highlighting the transformed industry.

In an exclusive interview, Hollywood icon Brooke Shields opens up about her protective instincts as her daughter, Grier, embarks on a modeling career. With the industry having undergone significant transformations, Shields shares her concerns and sets important rules to guide her daughter through this challenging terrain.

Shields, who captured the world’s attention with her remarkable modeling journey, appeared on “Live with Kelly and Mark” to discuss her daughter’s aspirations. Admitting that the modeling world has evolved since her own days, Shields acknowledges the need to adapt to the new reality.

“The rules have changed since I was [a model],” Shields reveals to co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Despite her initial resistance to Grier’s decision, Shields recognizes her daughter’s determination and passion for the industry, ultimately choosing to support her.

Reflecting on the ways in which the modeling landscape has transformed, Shields points out that social media has become a powerful force, shaping the industry in unprecedented ways. The model-turned-actress emphasizes that today’s modeling world has become a competitive “rat race,” requiring a level of resilience that differs from her own era.

Shields, who began her career in the entertainment industry as an infant, acknowledges her worries about Grier entering the challenging world of runway modeling. She candidly shares her concerns about the intense backstage atmosphere, confessing that she herself opted to steer clear of the runway due to its demands.

However, Shields demonstrates her love and support for her daughter by allowing her to pursue her dreams. In doing so, she lays down essential rules for Grier’s modeling journey. The renowned actress insists on the importance of a strong work ethic, preparing Grier for the potential challenges that lie ahead. Shields also sets a non-negotiable requirement for Grier to listen to her guidance, knowing the value of experience and wisdom in the industry. Additionally, Shields emphasizes the significance of education, urging Grier to pursue her academic goals alongside her modeling career.

During the interview, Shields takes the opportunity to promote her documentary, “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields,” which premiered on Hulu in April. The documentary offers an intimate look into Shields’ life, exploring topics such as her experiences of being sexualized at a young age, her complex relationship with her mother, her personal struggles in love, and the reactions of her daughters to her decision to share their family’s story.

As a dedicated mother, Shields remains vigilant in protecting her children from the potential pitfalls of the modeling world. By sharing her concerns and providing guidance, she ensures that Grier navigates the industry’s changing landscape with resilience, integrity, and a firm focus on her education.