Brother of Ex-NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Arrested After Allegedly Throwing Brick at ESPN Headquarters

Dennis John Hernandez, brother of late NFL player Aaron Hernandez, was arrested and charged with breach of peace after allegedly throwing a brick with a cryptic note at ESPN's headquarters.

Brother of Ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez, Dennis John Hernandez, was arrested for throwing a brick and a cryptic note at ESPN’s headquarters in Connecticut.

According to police documents, Dennis Hernandez was turned away by security before throwing a white plastic bag containing a brick and a note. The note said, “To all media outlets.

It’s about time you all realeyes (sic) the affect media has on all family members. Since you’re a world wide leader maybe you could lead how media and messages are delivered brick by brick. Clean it up!” Dennis Hernandez is due to appear in court on April 6.