BTS 'Bangbang Concert'... 4 Million Waves Around the World

BTS ‘Bang Bang Con’… 4 Million Waves Around the World

A series of concert cancellations, non-contact events… Free YouTube release of last performance
“Foods during the show – moving seats is fine… The members made a surprise video appearance and greeted each other.
Fans Shake ARMY BOMB and Cheer at Home

The group BTS performed “BTS Concert Enjoying in Room” on YouTube’s “BTS TV.” It is an “untact” event prepared for fans as concerts at home and abroad have been canceled one after another due to the spread of the new corona virus infection (COVID 19).

Big Hit Entertainment, the agency, released a total of eight free videos, ranging from the 2015 “BTS LIVE Hwayang Yeonhwa ON STAGE” concert to the 2017 TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR THE FINAL” concert and the live performance of the 2018 fan meeting. Immediately after the video was released on Wednesday, the number of simultaneous users soared to 2.2 million and reached nearly 2 million on Wednesday.

In the middle of the video, which was released for 24 hours for two days, BTS members made a surprise appearance, just like a real performance, showing their witty remarks and actions. Member Jin said, “I would like to thank ARMY (a word referring to the official BTS fan club) who came to the concert and give some guidance for the smooth performance,” adding, “You can eat food during the performance and you can move to another place.”

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