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The atmosphere of easing the law is also a “Han Han-ryung” for all industries involved.You have to be careful about your investment.

‘Han han-ryung’ means that A law that bans Korean culture in China

Entertainment stocks, including BTS-related stocks, are bullish on the main bourse on Wednesday. Along with the steady popularity of BTS, expectations for easing the law on Korea are also mentioned.

KeyEast, considered a BTS-related stock, is trading at 3,015 won as of 11:24 a.m., up 9.22 percent from the previous day, according to the Korea Exchange. In addition, Chorokbaem (+13.50%) and Sonokong (+5.82%) are also surging during the day. At the same time, D.P.C. showed a 0.61 percent decline in the market due to a surge in profit-taking during the past five trading days. Keyeast is supporting BTS‘ Japanese management through its Japanese subsidiary, while D.P. owns a stake in BTS‘ agency through its subsidiary. In addition, Green Snake is considered to be a BTS drama and Sonokong is considered a producer of BTS figures.

Billboard on the 12th (local time) said, “BTS‘ first album ‘To Cool for School’, which was released in June 2013, ranked 12th on the world album chart for the first time in seven years as of the 2nd, the closing date of the tally.” BTS fans are believed to have joined forces for April Fool’s Day, Billboard said. On the other hand, BTS is drawing attention as it said it will release its last concerts and fan meetings online on the 18th and 19th for free.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government is expected to jointly push for an “untact concert” with South Korea in May to boost consumer sentiment, while one of the Chinese OTTs resumed broadcasting Korean dramas, according to industry sources. As a result, small and medium-sized entertainment stocks such as Barunson (+13.79 percent), Samhwa Networks (+13.62 percent), YG PLUS (+11.60 percent), and Showbox (+6.94 percent) are trading sharply in the market at the same time.

Choice Economy, however, strongly hopes that “this article will only be used as a reference material.” This is because issues in certain industries, specific companies, and specific themes are often to be watched, and stock investment always has dangerous characteristics.

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