BTS Jimin X RM 'Dalgona Coffee Making' Challenge

BTS Jimin X RM ‘Dalgona Coffee Making’ Challenge

BTS’ Jimin and RM challenged “making Dalgona coffee.”

On BTS’ VLIVE, which aired on 14th, a video of members Jimin and RM challenging to make “Dalgona coffee” was posted. Jimin invited RM as a guest and started broadcasting “Minimoni” (Jimin + RM). “I’m trying to make it to see how delicious it is,” Jimin said, proposing to make Dalgona coffee.

BTS Jimin X RM 'Dalgona Coffee Making' Challenge

Dalgona means a snack made by putting a ladle on a fire and dissolving sugar and soda in a ladle.

The two began stirring sugar, coffee and water in a bowl in equal proportions with a whisk. When the bubble did not easily form, he complained of a headache, saying, “I have a headache,” and smiled by questioning, “Who made this?”

But Jimin said, “You have to do this. I have to show them how to do this so that fans can have dreams and hopes,” he said, expressing his ambition and finally completing his Dalgona coffee.

Having tasted his own coffee, Jimin said, “I think there is less coffee. It just tastes like milk. I’d rather just buy it and eat it,” RM said, “It tastes like mixed coffee. It’s a mix coffee, but I think it tastes a little deeper,” he said.

BTS Jimin X RM 'Dalgona Coffee Making' Challenge

Jimin said, “There are a lot of people at home these days, so I made it because I thought it would be nice to make it together while watching it. I promised to order the same meal next time. Let’s have RM with us,” he recommended.

RM said, “I’ll think about it. If you have any other ideas, please let me. I’ll come back even if it’s not a huge content,” he said, raising expectations for the appearance of other BTS members.

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