BTS ‘ON ‘, number one on global cover dance charts in March

Ameiger announced on the 8th that BTS ” ON ” was selected as the most covered song in the world in March.

BTS ” ON “, which has come back in 10 months, is not only continuing its passion for singing but also for covering dance. ” Despite the fact that the dance is called the level of difficulty, the global fan cover craze has not cooled down, ” said an Amazer official.

Second place went to ‘ Wan na Be ‘ by Lee Ji-ji. There is a wan na be, but Mimimi dance and hero dance are popular among the songs that stand out in the hot suit.

NCT 127 ‘ Hero ‘ took third place. The song features powerful martial arts performances and fierce dance moves, and many video clips are being posted in North America.

In fourth place, Eisewon’s ‘ Piesta ‘ rose, and is especially popular in Europe and North America. The fifth is Everglow’s ‘ Dundon. ‘ Although it has been around two months since its release, many cover videos are still being posted.

Amazer is a global K-pop community app. The world’s top cover dancers and creators are participating. It is conducting a collaboration with various artists.

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