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The 2nd was the 7th anniversary of BTS V’s first release on BTS‘ official SNS. V set another personal record for K-pop.

On the morning of the 3rd, V achieved the milestone of sweeping the first, second, and third place on the Amazon best-selling song chart in the U.S. The first place is V’s solo song “Inner Child,” which was featured in BTS‘ “Map of the Soul-7,” and the second place is V’s single self-composed song “Sweet Night” (Itaewon Class OST) and the third place is OST album version “Sweet Night.” It is the first time in K-pop history that a K-pop solo artist has dominated the chart at the same time, ranking first, second and third. He has continued to write his first K-pop record, following his own song “Sweet Night” just 10 days ago, which broke the Asian record of No. 1 in 88 countries on iTunes worldwide.

No. 1 on the Amazon best-selling song chart means that as much of the digital music being sold in the United States at that time. V became the first Korean singer to sell three of his solo songs through the top U.S. music market.

This was possible thanks to the support of fans in the Americas who celebrated V’s seventh anniversary of his debut, “June 2, 7 Years of Taehyung.”

BTS‘ official debut date is June 13, 2013. The members shared their daily lives on official cafe logs and social networking services (SNS) months before their debut, and V was only released 10 days before their official debut. A day after he unveiled himself on June 2 with a V-shaped hat on his head (without revealing his face), his profile was officially released for the first time among the members through his agency’s official account SNS.

“Our secret weapon V has been unveiled,” BTS official Twitter said. Let’s all fly V to V,” BTS‘s history begins.

V moved fans by recreating his first public appearance on June 2, 2013, during the Wembley Tour in London on June 2, 2013. As a result, V fans around the world made various donations and cheered for V’s solo songs to mark V’s seventh anniversary this year, and set a record of sweeping the first, second, and third place on the Amazon best-selling song chart in the U.S.




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