BTS V's "Best Fashion Sense K-pop Idol" vote No.1

BTS V’s “Best Fashion Sense K-pop Idol” vote No.1

BTS V was named the No. 1 “Best Fashion Sense K-pop Idol.”

In a recent poll of “Best Fashion Sense K-pop Idols” conducted by entertainment online media BuzzFeed K-pop, V overtook prominent candidates such as Jennie, Kai and G-Dragon for the top spot.

In a vote held in the form of a tournament from April 13, V was ranked first in the final round with a total of 39 percent of support.

BuzzFeed congratulated V, a true fashion icon, on his victory. Also, “V, who was chosen as the best dresser, is always elegant, handsome, and dressed nicely regardless of airport fashion or anything on the stage,” he praised V’s fashion sense.

V’s airport fashion, which ranks No. 1 in real-time search terms on portal sites with only airport photo articles, recently became a hot topic on China’s largest social media Weibo.

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