TS was selected for the massage chair BODYFRIEND model.

BTS was selected for the massage chair Bodyfriend model

Bodyfriend, the world’s No. 1 global brand for massage chairs, has named K-pop icon BTS as its new model.

TS was selected for the massage chair BODYFRIEND model.

Bodyfriend released three videos on its YouTube channel on the afternoon of the 14th, including two 30-second ad videos and one teaser video featuring BTS. The two ad videos recorded 150,000 and 110,000 views, respectively, four hours after they were released on YouTube. More than 1,300 comments have been posted by global fans alone. Hundreds of posts posted by BTS fans sharing videos are pouring into Naver’s blog and other sites.

The first advertisement was titled BTS Recreating, and the second advertisement was titled BTS Living Healthy. Both ads emphasized the message “10 more years, healthy” at the end.

TS was selected for the massage chair BODYFRIEND model.

Bodyfriend has so far employed ad models familiar to local consumers, including mixed martial arts fighter Choo Sung-hoon and actor Kim Sang-joong. For this reason, attention is being paid to the background of the selection of global star BTS as a new advertising model.

Bodyfriend also operated the Bodyfriend Rest Zone so that concert visitors can experience massage chairs at the BTS World Tour Concert “LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF” (THE FINAL) held at Olympic Main Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul in October last year.

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