Carjacking Suspect Arrested After Police Pursuit in East Los Angeles

A carjacking suspect was apprehended by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department after a chase through East LA.

In an incident that unfolded on Monday evening, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department engaged in a pursuit with a carjacking suspect in the Lakewood area. The chase continued as the driver entered Bell and subsequently made their way into East Los Angeles.

During the pursuit, the suspect’s vehicle came to a stop, leading to one individual exiting the car while it continued moving. Despite not driving at high speeds, the driver recklessly crossed lanes, even venturing into oncoming traffic on several occasions. Deputies managed to employ a spike strip successfully, causing the vehicle’s tires to deflate.

Following this, the driver was observed circling around East LA before eventually driving through an opening in a fence, near train tracks. The pursuit continued in this manner until the suspect’s eventual apprehension by law enforcement.