Carjackings surge across US, posing risks for drivers and overwhelming police

Car thefts and carjackings have increased dramatically in the US, overwhelming law enforcement and causing fear among drivers. Many cities have seen a jump of over 50% since 2019, with New York City experiencing a 37% increase in car thefts last month. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that vehicle thefts have increased by 7% nationwide from 2021-2022, with over 250,000 thefts reported in the fourth quarter of 2022 alone. Women are just as likely as men to be carjacked, and more than a quarter of victims are injured. Authorities recommend safety tips to avoid carjacking.

Carjackings have surged across the US, causing concern for drivers and law enforcement. In New York, thefts increased by 37% last month. Similarly, in Washington, over 200 carjackings have been recorded this year, with 75% involving firearms. Experts suggest that carjackings are becoming more violent, and many remain unsolved.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau noted a 7% increase in vehicle thefts nationwide from 2021-2022, and in 30 cities, vehicle thefts and carjackings increased by an average of 59% from 2019-2022. To decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim, individuals are advised to remain vigilant and take precautionary measures, such as parking in well-lit areas and keeping car doors locked.