Chungha and Yang Joon-il →ITZY·TXT, ‘2019 The Fact Music Awards’ Online Award speech

Artists shined the “2019 The Fact Music Awards” with warm and heartwarming acceptance speeches.

The organizing committee of the “THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS (TMA)” uploaded a series of video clips on its official website from the 30th of last month to the 3rd of this month, winning the “2019 TMA” award by Chungha, Yang Joon-il, ITZY, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, (G)I-DLE, THE BOYZ and Stray Kids.

Chungha, who won this year’s Artist of the Year award for two consecutive years leading a solo sensation in the music industry, said, “Thank you very much. I was able to have a lot of fun last year because many people loved it. I will continue to be Chung-ha, who can repay fans and the public with a great appearance,” he said, expressing his feelings, “I hope everyone will regain stability as soon as possible these days, when COVID 19 has shrunk a lot.” I also want to say thank you to the medical staff and officials who are suffering,” he added. 

Yang Joon-il, the talk of the town who created the online “Topgol GD” craze, won the Fan & Star Special Award. He said, “I won the prize. We voted for two weeks and won first place. It’s more special because it’s the first award for music. I’d like to thank everyone who supported me,” he said. 

Next Leader Trophy, given to the best new artist in 2019, went to ITZY and TOMORROW X TOGETHER. ITZY said, “We are grateful to MIDZY (fan club) for always being a strong prop. I will continue to work hard to be your energizer,” he said, praising his fans. 

TOMORROW X TOGETHER also said, “I’m happy and happy to receive the Next Leader Award. Thank you and love you, Moa (fan club) for giving us this award. I will work harder this year as well,” he said, expressing his special feelings toward his fans. 

(G)I-DLE, THE BOYZ and STRAY KIDS, who were selected as the Dance Performers of the Year, also said, “It’s an honor to receive such a great award. “It’s all thanks to the fans and I’m thankful,” he said. “It’s a shame that we can’t show you the stage in person, but I hope we can all overcome it well as it’s a hard time.” He also did not forget the warm message.

With a total of 12 teams uploaded over the past two weeks, BTS, Super Junior, NU’EST and Mamamoo’s yet-to-be-released comments will also be opened sequentially on the official website of the “The Fact Music Awards.

In the aftermath of COVID 19, the “2019 The Fact Music Awards” has replaced awards in all categories online. The review was based on the tally from January to December 2019, and the judges included Park Soon-kyu, editor-in-chief of The Fact, producer Park Geun-tae, producer Cho Young-soo and lyricist Kim E-na. 

Based on the score tally from January 2020, the organizing committee plans to host a new “2020 The Fact Music Awards” in the second half of this year.

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