"Comeback D-1" IU and BTS Suga Released their MV teaser for "Eight"...a Hunch of Masterpieces

“Comeback D-1” IU and BTS Suga Released their MV teaser for “Eight”…a Hunch of Masterpieces

A music video teaser video for singer IU’s new song “Eight” has been released.

IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, on May 5 showed a teaser video for the music video of “Eight” on YouTube channel 1theK.

Previously, the fact that IU and BTS Sugar collaborated together while sharing musical consensus drew attention from the K-pop industry, domestic and foreign music fans, as well as foreign media.

A teaser video of “Eight” has a band-based sound that features a blend of analog sensibility and trendy sound. Some of the released “So Are You Happy Now” alone captivates both ears.

The teaser video shows a cold-colored light overall, and IU slowly walks into the near future space, drawing attention. As soon as the frozen reel tape returns, IU is seen lying helplessly staring into the air, overwhelming the atmosphere with her mysterious and unique charm. At the end of the video, the mysterious phrase “Will you save all your memories?” further amplifies curiosity about the new song.

Earlier, whenever teaser images and moving teasers featuring unique charms were released, fans showed keen interest, pouring out various speculations about them. Also, fans are paying keen attention to their comeback as the concept and mood of their previous album have changed dramatically.

IU’s “Eight” will be released on an online music site before 6 p.m. on May 6.

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