COVID19 Overcoming Support Message Expectations for the first unit of Seulgi X Irene Red Velvet

COVID19 Overcoming Support Message Expectations for the first unit of Seulgi X Irene Red Velvet

Group Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Irene will form their first unit in the team and appear in front of fans with new looks.

Irene and Seulgi are preparing for unit albums, according to their agency SM Entertainment. It is Red Velvet’s first unit in about six years since its debut in August 2014.

There are two members, but there is nothing missing from visual, dance, and vocal. Seulgi and Irene are the main dancers and lead dancers in the team, respectively. In addition to their dance skills, both have clear tones and solid vocals.

The reason why the combination of the two is more expected is because they were once a unit six years ago. Before their debut, they worked as SG14G Seulgi & Irene as SM Rookies, SM Entertainment’s pre-debut team. At that time, the two reinterpreted “Be Natural” by senior singer S.E.S. had drawn attention for their powerful and sensuous performances.

Above all, the music that the Seulgi Irene unit with high concept digestion will bring raises questions. Since its debut, Red Velvet has alternately presented two concepts: “Red” with vibrant charm and “Velvet” with soft charm. Thanks to this, Red Velvet also proved its wide musical spectrum with a variety of attempts, ranging from “Red Flavor,” which boosted public awareness, to “Zimzalabim,” which had a strong experimental personality.

SM Entertainment’s planning power is also expected. Prior to Red Velvet, the senior Girls’ Generation made a clear achievement as a unit called TTS. TTS, a combination of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, was loved for its different charm from Girls’ Generation, as the three members presented both femininity and power. Seulgi and Irene are also expected to be able to show red velvet and other new synergies.

Even though the name of the unit is not known yet, fans are already showing enthusiastic responses. A YouTube video of “Be Natural” by SR14G Seulgi & Irene, released in 2014, has been bombarded with comments expressing expectations for the unit. Attention is focusing on what kind of chemistry the two will be able to capture the hearts of fans and the public, unlike the main body.

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