Curious Black Bear Steals Bag from Pickup Truck in Colorado

Video footage captured a black bear breaking into a parked truck and stealing a satchel, highlighting the importance of bear safety measures.

A black bear in Colorado made a daring raid on a parked pickup truck, opening the door and making off with a satchel in a video captured by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The footage shows the curious bear standing on its hind legs and using its paws to pull open the truck’s back door, revealing a red-and-white cooler in the back seat. When the bear attempted to climb into the cab to reach the cooler, it tumbled out, but eventually made off with a satchel.

As spring begins and bears emerge from hibernation, wildlife officials in Colorado have warned residents to be vigilant and secure their trash bins, bird feeders, and other items that could attract bears. Bridget O’Rourke, a statewide public information officer with CPW, advised taking items with an odor out of vehicles and locking the doors, as bears are intelligent and capable of opening doors to find food. This year alone, CPW has already received 173 reports of bear activity in 25 Colorado counties.