Beckham sent a video on China's largest SNS Weibo to Luhan, who turned 30 on the 20th in his capacity as the "Official Legend" of his hom

David Beckham, a Happy Birthday Video for Former EXO Luhan

Football superstar David Beckham (45, Chairman of Miami) celebrated the birthday of Luhan, a former member of the K-pop group EXO.

Beckham sent a video on China’s largest SNS Weibo to Luhan, who turned 30 on the 20th in his capacity as the “Official Legend” of his home team Manchester United.

Luhan is known as the best-known Manchester United fan in China. Beckham said, “Hi, this is David. I know you cheer for Manchester United enthusiastically. Happy birthday. I prepared a special gift for you, but I’ll give it to you myself. I look forward to meeting you soon,” he said.

Luhan is known as Beckham because he became fond of Manchester United. I got the best birthday present ever. It deserves to be called a “example of successful fans.” Luhan said, “Once a Manchester United fan, an eternal Manchester United fan. “If you don’t forget about Manchester United (as you have now retired from active service), I will always support Manchester United,” he replied.

It is the second time that Manchester United officially celebrated Luhan’s birthday in the name of a club official. In 2017, striker Memphis Depay (26, Olympique Lyon), defender Luke Shaw (25, England), and ambassador Park Ji-sung (39, advisory member of the International Football Council) filmed a special video to send to Luhan.

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