Dodger Stadium Workers Rally for Fair Wages and Improved Conditions

Dodger Stadium workers took a stand, demanding better wages and improved working conditions before the game against the New York Yankees. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) US Service Workers west led the protest.

Dodger Stadium was the stage for a powerful demonstration on Saturday as workers from various departments voiced their concerns over inadequate wages and unfair labor practices. The spirited rally took place at Gate A, where ushers, security personnel, groundskeepers, and janitorial staff gathered to demand a change.

Represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) US Service Workers west, these dedicated individuals have been operating without a collective bargaining agreement since March. Eddie Torres, a seasoned security officer with 25 years of experience at Dodger Stadium, expressed his readiness to take the cause further, stating, “Twenty-five years. That says a lot, and I’m hoping that they see it.”

The central issue revolves around the workers’ quest for wages that can sustain a decent standard of living in Los Angeles. One protester emphasized that the demands put forward by the union are essential for supporting families and oneself in a city known for its high cost of living.

While the specifics of the Dodger organization’s offer remain undisclosed, the union has made it clear that the current proposal falls considerably short of their expectations. Consequently, the group has hinted at the possibility of conducting a strike authorization vote by June 17, potentially leading to a strike commencing on July 3, just ahead of the July 4 holiday and the Dodgers’ final home stand before the 2023 MLB All-Star break.

Interestingly, the Dodgers faced a similar situation around the same time last year when concession workers contemplated striking before the 2022 MLB All-Star Game, which the team hosted. However, a few days prior to the event, the more than 1,000 workers decided against a strike.

The dedicated Dodger Stadium workers’ passionate protest highlights their commitment to securing fair wages and improved working conditions. As the negotiations unfold, both sides will have to find common ground to ensure the continued success and harmonious operations of this iconic sports venue.