Dollar Tree Takes Eggs off Shelves Due to Soaring Prices

Dollar Tree has removed eggs from their shelves as egg prices surge up to 60% in the last year, making it impossible for the company to profit from their sales.

Dollar Tree, a popular discount store that prides itself on selling most merchandise for $1.25, has been forced to take eggs off their shelves due to the high cost of eggs. Despite offering other items for $3 and $5, the store’s primary price point is $1.25. With egg prices up as much as 60% in the last year, the company has found it impossible to make a profit from their sales.

“Currently, the cost of eggs is very high, and it is not sustainable to continue offering them at our stores,” said Randy Guiler, the company spokesperson, according to the Washington Examiner.

Consumer egg prices have increased by 55% in the past year, and while there was a slight dip in prices last month, they are still much higher than they were in the prior year. The average cost of a dozen large Grade A eggs was $4.21 in February, down from January’s $4.82 average.

The company plans to bring eggs back to their shelves when the costs are more in line with historical levels. In the meantime, customers will have to look elsewhere for affordable eggs.