Earth Day 'BTS Campaign'

Earth Day ‘BTS Campaign’

Hyundai Motor on Tuesday released a special video of the “Global Hydrogen Campaign” involving BTS on YouTube to mark Earth Day.  

Under the theme of “The Precious Languages of Beautiful Mother Nature,” the video carries a message that sustainability is important to pass on beautiful Mother Nature to the next generation. 

In the video, BTS members show themselves blending with nature, such as the Emerald Ocean, Pure-white, Sky blue, Sun-kissed, Crystaline raindrops, Starlight, Forest, etc. 

At the end of the video, NEXO, a hydrogen-powered vehicle that emits no pollutants other than water, will appear to introduce “good energy” hydrogen and Hyundai Motor’s “vision for a better future.” 

Hyundai has been conducting a “global hydrogen campaign” with BTS since January. 

BTS appeared at the Grammy Awards in the U.S. in January on a hydrogen-powered vehicle Nexo and in February on a video of Hyundai’s “Global Hydrogen Campaign,” which was shown in an ad at Times Square in New York. 

Hyundai Motor is also conducting the DarkSelfie Challenge (#DarkSelfieChallenge) from the 13th to the 4th of next month to mark Earth Day, which will turn off the lights in the house and post pictures of itself on social media. Anyone can join.

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