Elderly couple tied up and robbed during home invasion in Bel-Air

Three masked men broke into the home of an elderly couple in Bel-Air, tied them up for three hours, and stole a safe. The couple suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital. The suspects also dismantled the security system and doused the home with bleach. Police are searching for the suspects.

An elderly couple was tied up and robbed by three masked men in a home invasion in Bel-Air.

The couple was terrorized for three hours, repeatedly telling the suspects they didn’t have valuables in the home. The woman suffered from a wound and the man suffered from injuries after being struck.

The suspects dragged a safe out of the home and took apart the security system before dousing the entire home with bleach. A description of the suspects has not been provided, but LAPD is continuing to search for them. Another break-in occurred about six miles away in Beverly Crest.