Empowering Foster Youth through Film: KITS Production Studio Opens in Tinsel Town

KITS Production Studio empowers foster youth to create films. Equipped with sets and supported by Hollywood, it provides job security and opportunities.

In an exciting development for Tinsel Town, a new production studio has opened with a unique tie to empowering at-risk and foster youth. The KITS Production Studio, created by the non-profit organisation Kids in the Spotlight, has spent over a decade connecting foster youth with the Hollywood industry to help them create their own films.

KITS founder, Tige Charity, described the opening of the Van Nuys production studio as “surreal”, and highlighted the numerous opportunities and job security it brings for the foster youth. She added that she felt like she was now part of a family.

The grand opening was attended by Mayor Karen Bass, who was honoured for her decades of work on behalf of foster youth. Actor Ty Burrell, famous for his role in Modern Family, has worked with KITS for ten years and praised the studio’s provision of sets like a classroom and kitchen, which allows the youth to better create their own projects without having to rent a space.

Burrell also urged creators to consider renting the location for their own projects and hiring foster youth for their production needs. Charity revealed that Los Angeles has over 40,000 youth in foster care and that KITS has been running a Script to Screen programme for 14 years, with youth working in the industry and members of SAG/AFTRA. They also hold an annual awards show, which is considered the Oscars for foster youth.

With the opening of the new studio, Charity has called on Hollywood to continue to help pay it forward by providing more opportunities for foster youth and underprivileged children. The KITS Production Studio represents an innovative and positive step forward in bridging the gap between the entertainment industry and disadvantaged youth, empowering them to share their stories with the world.