EXO Suho, "In 'Knowing Bros', I did push-ups with one finger and then I got a ligament."

EXO Suho, “In ‘Knowing Bros,’ a ligament was injured while doing push-ups with one finger.”

Suho of the group EXO revealed behind-the-scenes stories of his appearance on “Knowing Bros.”

Suho had time to spend with fans around the world through Naver V LIVE’s “Suho Online Fan Meeting “O2asis,” which aired on Wednesday.

Fans asked Suho several questions, and he asked her to recommend home training. So Suho recommended doing push-ups and sit-ups.

He then presented his own demonstration, which surprised him by doing only three fingers, two fingers, and one hand push-ups. In particular, Suho said, “I can do it with one finger, but I got a ligament while doing push-ups like that in ‘Knowing Bros’.”

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