EXO, TWICE selected as CHARITY ANGELS in April

EXO, TWICE selected as CHARITY ANGELS in April

Groups EXO and TWICE were selected as “CHARITY ANGELS.”

In the idol’s popularity ranking service “My Favorite I-dol,” groups EXO and TWICE ranked first in the cumulative ranking of male and female groups at the Hall of Fame and were selected as the 55th “CHARITY ANGELS” in April 2020 to donate.

EXO topped the men’s group’s cumulative ranking in April and was selected as a charity angel. It marks the 13th consecutive month. EXO has so far achieved a cumulative donation of 22.5 million won with 27 donations, 18 donation fairies and a total of 45 donations.

EXO, which celebrated its eighth anniversary last week, has been performing through individual activities. Suho, who debuted as a solo artist, won three music awards.

The girl group was selected as a charity angel as TWICE topped the women’s group category. Twice, who has been a donor angel for 22 months in a row, has never given up to another idol. TWICE achieved a cumulative donation of 17.5 million won with 22 donations of “A Charity Angel,” 13 donations of “A Charity Fairy” and a total of 35 donations.

TWICE set a platinum record for the ninth consecutive time, with more than 250,000 copies of its second full-length Japanese album following more than 200 million views of the music video for “Feel Special.

EXO and TWICE, which have become “CHARITY ANGELS,” will donate a total of 1 million won each to the Milal Welfare Foundation, 500,000 won each. The donation will be delivered to the vulnerable class of Corona 19. Cumulative donation for “Best Idol” is 125.5 million won.

Meanwhile, BTS was ranked second in the men’s group of the “My favorite I-dol” Hall of Fame, NU’EST was ranked third, GFRIEND was ranked second and IZ*ONE was ranked third.

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