Fake Doctor Charged with Practicing Medicine on Thousands in Los Angeles

A 45-year-old man has been charged for falsely claiming to be a licensed doctor and treating serious medical conditions, including cancer. Stephan Gevorkian faces five felony counts of practicing medicine without certification, which can cause irreparable harm to patients. Gevorkian owns and operates Pathways Medical in North Hollywood, which offers blood tests, treatment advice, and treatment for serious conditions. An undercover investigator received consulting from Gevorkian, who allegedly failed to accurately address abnormal hormone levels that could indicate a serious medical condition. The case is being investigated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs and prosecuted by the District Attorney's Consumer Protection Division.

Los Angeles County prosecutors have charged a Studio City man with practising medicine without a license, having falsely claimed to be a licensed doctor.

Stephan Gevorkian is accused of offering treatments for serious medical conditions, including cancer, to thousands of individuals. His business, Pathways Medical, which conducts blood tests on patients and advises them on treatments, is also under investigation.

Gevorkian faces five felony counts and is due to appear in court on 24 May. District Attorney George Gascón warned that practising medicine without a license is a criminal offence in California, and can cause “irreparable harm” to unsuspecting people.