Family Left in the Dark: Mysterious Circumstances Surround Slain Missouri ER Doctor and Cryptocurrency Millionaire

The family of Dr. John Forsyth, a slain ER doctor and crypto-millionaire, expresses frustration over the lack of information surrounding his death, while cryptic statements from law enforcement raise more questions.

The family of Dr. John Forsyth, a prominent ER doctor and successful cryptocurrency investor from Missouri, is grappling with grief and frustration as they seek answers about his untimely demise. Forsyth’s body was discovered floating in an Arkansas lake, nine days after he mysteriously vanished, with a gunshot wound as the cause of death. The family claims to have been kept in the dark, receiving only a cryptic statement from law enforcement.

Richard Forsyth, the brother of the deceased, revealed the family’s frustration, stating, “The Missouri state police told us, ‘We know more than you think we do.’ We are mad we are being kept so in the dark.” Despite being interviewed by detectives, no details about the investigation were shared with Richard during the two-hour session.

Dr. John Forsyth, a highly regarded ER physician, disappeared on May 21 after completing a hospital shift in Cassville, Missouri. His sudden vanishing and the subsequent discovery of his body have drawn comparisons to the enigmatic storyline of the popular Netflix crime thriller “Ozark.”

Adding to the complexity of the situation, it was revealed that Forsyth had recently become engaged to a nurse he worked with, who is now eight months pregnant with their first child. The news of the engagement came as a surprise to most of his family, who had not met the mother-to-be until after his disappearance. Court records also indicate that Forsyth had recently finalized his divorce, agreeing to monthly alimony and child support payments of around $19,000.

Speaking publicly for the first time, Robert Forsyth, Dr. Forsyth’s father, expressed the heartbreak surrounding his son’s fiancée, who will raise their child without him. “I have never cried and prayed so much as the last two weeks. It’s just been wrenching,” said the grieving father.

The circumstances leading to Forsyth’s disappearance remain shrouded in mystery. After finishing his hospital shift, he texted his fiancée, indicating he would see her shortly, but abruptly stopped responding. Surveillance footage captured him heading towards his luxurious RV, where he would often stay during his demanding work schedule. The investigation also revealed the presence of other vehicles in the vicinity, a dark sedan and a white SUV, shortly before Forsyth was last seen.

Forsyth’s belongings, including his wallet, U.S. passport, phones, and laptop, were found untouched in his unlocked RV and car. Red flags were raised due to a previous kidnapping incident in February 2022, which the family claims they were unaware of until after his disappearance.

As the grieving family seeks answers and closure, a public vigil is scheduled to be held in Missouri to honor the beloved doctor. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death and the lack of transparency from law enforcement only intensify the family’s anguish, leaving them desperate for answers.