FDA warns against unapproved use of amniotic fluid eye drops for medical treatment

FDA warns against using unapproved amniotic fluid eye drops for disease treatment, citing safety concerns. Manufacturers market and distribute the drops without federal approval. Patients and healthcare providers are advised to verify the FDA review and investigational new drug application number before using such products.

FDA warns against unapproved marketing of amniotic fluid eye drops to treat or cure eye diseases, citing potential safety concerns. The FDA emphasizes that it has not approved any amniotic fluid eye drops to date and that there are no guarantees regarding their safety and efficacy.

The eye drops contain a liquid called amniotic fluid, which surrounds an unborn baby during pregnancy.

Manufacturers of these unapproved products have been sent warning letters by the FDA, and the agency recommends that patients verify FDA review and approval before seeking treatment with amniotic fluid eye drops.