Ford Issues Urgent Warning: Lincoln SUV Owners Urged to Park Outside Amid Fire Risk with Engines Off

Ford has issued a recall for over 140,000 Lincoln MKC SUVs, urging owners to park them outside due to a fire risk, even when the engines are turned off.

In a startling announcement, Ford has alerted owners of over 140,000 Lincoln MKC SUVs in the United States to park their vehicles outside as a precautionary measure. The company has identified a concerning fire risk that persists even when the engines are switched off. The affected models range from the 2015 to 2019 model years.

Ford’s investigation has revealed that a potential short-circuit could develop in the 12-volt battery monitor sensor, leading to dangerous overheating and subsequent engine compartment fires. This alarming issue can occur both while the vehicle is parked or in motion, making it a critical concern for owners.

To ensure the safety of their customers, Ford is urgently advising owners to park their SUVs away from any structures until the necessary recall repairs can be completed. Additionally, the company cautions against servicing the battery or related electrical parts, as this can potentially damage the sensors.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ford has received reports of 19 fires that may be attributed to this problem in the United States, China, and Canada. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported thus far, providing some relief amid this unsettling news.

To rectify the issue, Ford dealers will be installing an additional fuse to the power circuit of the battery monitor sensor. Owners can expect to receive official notifications by letter starting from June 26th, informing them of the necessary steps to be taken.

In the interest of public safety, it is essential for Lincoln MKC SUV owners to adhere to Ford’s guidance promptly. By doing so, they can mitigate the risk of potential fires and ensure the well-being of themselves and their vehicles. Ford remains committed to addressing this issue promptly and efficiently, prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of their valued customers.