G-Dragon (GD) Legend Live performance stage TOP7

G-Dragon (GD) Legend Live performance stage TOP7

TOP 1 – Bullshit

A strong red stage. We can talk. He’s a true K-pop king.

TOP 2 – One of a kind + Crooked + Crayon

A madman on the stage “GD”

TOP 3 – ‘LIFTED’ + ‘ONE OF A KIND’ + ‘₩1,000,000’

King & Queen! GD & CL!


This is the “Return of the kings”

TOP 5 – Mapsosa

Never again, the meeting between K-entertainment and K-pop.
Say! “Mapsosa”

TOP 6 – having an affair

splendid stage manner

TOP 7 – Untitled

There’s no need for words.

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