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Bigbang’s G-Dragon has been filming a Chinese beverage commercial, raising speculation that the release of Hanhan-ryeong may be imminent.

“Hanhan-ryeong” means A law that bans Korean culture in China

G-Dragon recently finished filming an ad for a Chinese drink here. G-Dragon’s model brand is Nongpushan’s tea drink Chappa. The brand is not only G-Dragon but also a drink that Big Bang used to advertise as a model in the past.

The brand released a photo of a model of the silhouette believed to be G-Dragon through its official Weibo on Wednesday. Even after being discharged from the military, it was known that G-Dragon was a model for the beverage brand, which has been receiving positive responses from Chinese fans.

G-Dragon had no special official schedule except to attend brand events after he was discharged from the military in October last year. In addition to attending a luxury brand fashion show in Paris earlier this year, few outside activities have been detected, drawing more attention to the filming of the ad.

In particular, speculation is growing that “Hanhan-ryeong” may be unraveling as G-Dragon shoots a Chinese ad. In fact, the Korean Wave has been frozen for years due to the frozen bilateral situation between Korea and China. In the midst of this, Yuku, a video streaming site of China’s Alibaba Group, resumed its Korean drama service on Thursday, while G-Dragon, the flagship icon of K-pop, also filmed a famous Chinese brand ad, sensing a positive mood for the release of “Hanhan-ryeong.”

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