(G)I-DLE Soyeon, now proven to be a producer

Group (G)i-dle Soyeon showed her true value as a producer again.

The showcase of (G)i-dle’s new album “I Trust” (Miyeon, Minnie, Sujin, Soyeon, Yuqi and Shuhua) was broadcast live online on the 6th.

Its new album “I Trust,” which means “I believe in myself,” is the third in the “I” series following its debut album “I am,” which declared justice for me and us, and its second mini album “I Made,” which showed growth through self-producing.

Soyeon explained, “I wanted to express with the confidence of (girl) children that I can be confident just by believing in myself like the album title ‘I Trust.'” He went on to say, “From teaser images to albums, they are divided into black and white. Even if others call me a devil, I shared black and white in the sense that I follow my pure heart,” he added.

Soyeon, who previously produced hit songs by (G)I-DLE such as “LATATA,” “Senorita” and “LION,” also participated in writing and composing all the songs.

Soyeon said, “What I thought was important when making this album was that I wanted to make an upcoming album like ‘one’s feelings.’ I tried to melt the feelings that one person feels on each track,” he explained.

Soyeon’s self-composed title track “Oh My God” is a song of the urban hip-hop genre featuring bold rhythm chains that change with each development of the song, with the theme that I can be confident just by believing in myself.

Soyeon raised expectations by saying, “It’s a song with a twist,” adding, “It’s a song that compares love to the process of believing in me while facing any reality.”

On the overall concept of the song, he also said, “I usually like animation, but I was inspired by it because I’m into the animation ‘This World’.”

He also made a pledge that he would hold an online fan meeting if he topped the music charts, saying he wanted to top the music charts with the title song.

He also showed off his production skills through Mnet’s “Queendom,” which aired last year. Even though I was a rookie in “Queendom,” I got a good opportunity and learned a lot from good seniors,” Soyeon said modestly.

Members described So-yeon’s appearance as a producer as “Charismatic.” Yuqi said, “Soyeon is usually charismatic on stage, but she is playful and fun in everyday life. But when I record, I can feel professional charisma,” he said.

Finally, Soyeon raised fans’ expectations by saying, “The goal of G-dle’s album is to be “fun and happy,” adding, “I want to share my joy with Neverland (official fandom name) by winning the first place on public TV because I haven’t yet.”

Meanwhile, the album “I Trust,” which expresses (G)i-dle’s confidence, will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m.

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