Global growth idol MONSTA X I.M trailer 'IT AIN'T OVER'!

Global growth idol MONSTA X I.M trailer ‘IT AIN’T OVER’!

I.M of the group MONSTA X boasted a cold, urban visual.

Starship Entertainment, the agency, on its official SNS channel on Tuesday, said “TRAILER CHAPTER.4 IT AIN’T OVER” of MONSTA X’s new mini-album “FANTASIA X.”He released “Four It Again,” raising expectations for his comeback.

I.M. in the trailer is enjoying coffee casually in a crowded cafe. Soon, the candle on his table goes out, and looking at it, he takes out the lighter and lights it up again. Then, inside the cafe where everyone stopped their sounds and movements as if the world had stopped, they took a leisurely step between them, reading the English newspaper, then turning off the lighter light and the cafe regains its vitality as if nothing had happened.

Based on a melodic melody with sophisticated beats, the black-and-white trailer, which runs smoothly, caught both the eyes and ears of fans by spouting I.M.’s signature cold, urban aura. In particular, drowsy eyes and indifferent expressions in the mysterious story create a conflicting atmosphere, further highlighting the secretive charm.

In addition, the production, which effectively describes the stop of time using music, creates a sense of cinematic sensibility and technique, and the material “Lighter,” which appears in common with Joo-heon’s previously released chapter, reveals a subtle link. This adds to the fun of drawing various speculations from fans and further amplifies interest in the new album. It is expected to dominate the hearts of global music fans once again with its unique concept, unique music and performance, as the new album will be released in Korea in about seven months, following its mini-album “FOLLOW” released last year, “FOLLOW”: FIND YOU” (FOLLOW) and title track “FOLLOW”.



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