'Global Monster Rookie' TOO, entering 3rd place in Japan & 4th place in the U.K. iTunes KPOP album charts

‘Global Monster Rookie’ TOO, entering 3rd place in Japan & 4th place in the U.K. iTunes KPOP album charts

Ten-member boy band TOO is drawing attention globally for its debut performance.

TOO (CHI HOON, DONG GEON, CHAN, JI SU, MIN SU, JAE YUN, J.YOU, KYUNG HO, JEROME, and WOONG GI) made their debut with their first mini-album “REASON FOR BEING: Benevolence” on April 1st.

outside the industry with remarkable global performance results. Upon its release, “REASON FOR BEING: Benevolence” succeeded in entering third place in Japan and fourth place in the U.K. iTunes KPOP album chart top 10, and TOO’s debut album has drawn keen attention both inside and later drew attention from domestic and foreign fans, ranking fourth in the U.S.  


TOO’s title track ‘Magnolia’ was also the first to be listed on the New Zealand iTunes KPOP chart, followed by ranking 17th on the YouTube streaming chart in Vietnam. In particular, they have emerged as a “global monster rookie” in Vietnam with 3.46 million streams as of Tuesday.

Additionally, the music video for “Magnolia,” which was pre-released a day before the album’s release, surpassed 7 million views based on the TOO’s official YouTube channel, raising hopes for what other records the TOO will show in the future and how far they will go as artists.

Meanwhile, TOO, reborn as a complete global idol with its heart-moving “Heart Music” with killer group Dances will continue its debut activities through various routes, including various music broadcasts and entertainment programs.

Music : https://orcd.co/too_benevolence

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