Hit-and-Run Driver Strikes Pedestrians in West Hollywood

A hit-and-run driver in a Mini Cooper struck several pedestrians in a West Hollywood crosswalk. Dashcam footage shows the reckless incident, with one person on the hood of the car as it drove off. Three pedestrians were hospitalized, and authorities are asking for information about the driver.

West Hollywood authorities are searching for the driver of a Mini Cooper who recklessly plowed into several pedestrians at a crosswalk early on Sunday morning. The harrowing incident, which was captured on dashcam footage, shows the vehicle moving from the left turn lane into the crosswalk at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and N. San Vicente Boulevard, where multiple people were crossing the street.

As the Mini Cooper continued through the intersection, a pedestrian approached the vehicle and smacked the back window, causing it to shatter. The driver then spun around to the left, striking three pedestrians in the crosswalk before driving off with one person still on the hood of the car.

Anton Strubchevskyi, whose car was in front of the Mini Cooper, was shocked by the incident, describing it as a surreal experience that felt like something out of a movie. “It’s crazy,” he said. “Wild driving, people flying around, one person on top of another car driving away.”

The three injured pedestrians were taken to hospital but are expected to recover. Strubchevskyi promptly handed over the dashcam footage to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, located just across the street from the incident. Authorities are urging anyone with information about the driver or the crash to contact the department on 310-855-8850.