Homeless Man Arrested for Attempted Rape of Elderly Woman in Ventura

Ventura police arrest a homeless man for attempting to rape a 75-year-old woman while she was gardening in her front yard.

In a disturbing incident that took place on South Dunning Street, a 75-year-old woman was targeted by a homeless man, identified as Lathanial Walker, as she tended to her garden. Walker allegedly approached her, dropped his pants, and attempted to drag her to a secluded area. Thankfully, the woman managed to call for help, and neighbors rushed to her aid upon hearing her screams.

Walker fled the scene but was apprehended near the Pacific View Mall by law enforcement. He now faces charges that include aggravated kidnapping, elder abuse, and assault with the intent to commit rape. Shockingly, it was revealed that Walker had been released from jail in March after being arrested for burglary in Oxnard the previous year. He also has a prior arrest record in various states for offenses such as assault on a police officer, assault on a child, and robbery.

The incident serves as a harrowing reminder of the vulnerability faced by elderly individuals and the ongoing challenges surrounding homelessness and public safety. The local community is left shaken by the incident, emphasizing the need for improved measures to protect citizens from such heinous crimes.