Hyundai Motor Co. to Unveil a Video Clip of its "Hydrogen" Campaign with BTS on Earth Day

Hyundai Motor Co. to Unveil a Video Clip of its “Hydrogen” Campaign with BTS on Earth Day

Hyundai Motor Co. said Tuesday that it has released a special video of its “Global Hydrogen Campaign” with BTS to mark Earth Day.

Hyundai Motor has been conducting a “global hydrogen campaign” with BTS since January to spread the eco-friendly and sustainability of future clean energy “hydrogen” under the slogan “Because of You.”

Following a video screened at Times Square in New York in February, the special video released this time included a message that sustainability is important to pass on beautiful Mother Nature to the next generation under the theme of “The Precious Languages of Beautiful Mother Nature.”

In the video, BTS members show harmony with nature, such as emerald ocean, pure-white, sky blue, sun-kissed, crystal raindrops, starlit, forest-like, etc.

Hyundai Motor Co. to Unveil a Video Clip of its "Hydrogen" Campaign with BTS on Earth Day

At the end of the video, “NEXO,” a hydrogen-powered vehicle that emits no pollutants other than water, appeared to deliver a good energy “hydrogen” and a vision for a better future to be drawn by Hyundai Motor.

In particular, the video was released on Earth Day, the Earth’s environmental protection day, which was established to publicize the seriousness of the global environmental pollution problem, adding to its significance.

Hyundai Motor’s “Global Hydrogen Campaign” special video was released for the first time on Hyundai Motor’s Worldwide YouTube at 6 a.m. on the 22nd (Korea time) and will be screened through various channels, including domestic and foreign TV commercials.

Hyundai Motor has been actively seeking to strengthen communication with the “millennial generation,” which is expected to most actively utilize “hydrogen,” which is emerging as a good energy and future energy source, through the “Global Hydrogen Campaign” with BTS since January.

Born in the early 1980s to the early 2000s, the millennial generation is leading good consumption by taking into account the impact on the environment and society even when purchasing products, and the hydrogen campaign is also gaining high popularity from them.

In fact, the “My Clean Nature” event of the “Global Hydrogen Campaign” held through SNS, where the millennial generation is the main user base, attracted the attention of many fans and customers, with the cumulative number of related videos recording about 3 million views and user responses such as likes and shares recording more than 3.5 million.

Hyundai Motor is conducting the DarkSelfieChallenge (#DarkSelfieChallenge) from the 13th (Mon) to the 4th (Mon) of May with the release of a special video of the “Global Hydrogen Campaign.”

The event, designed to help protect the Earth and promote the importance of coping with climate change on Earth Day, is open to anyone by turning on the lights in the house, taking pictures of themselves, and uploading photos with designated hashtags.

In particular, BTS members also participated in the event directly through Hyundai Lifestyle SNS accounts, drawing much attention.

Hyundai Motor expects the event to have special meaning for its customers and fans as it comes at a time when Korona 19 has forced them to refrain from outdoor activities and spend more time at home.

Details of the “Global Hydrogen Campaign” and “#DarkSelfieChallenge” include Hyundai Motor’s World Wide Web site ( and Hyundai Life Style Instagram ( can be found in lifestyle.

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