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The wish of ‘four-generation idol’ in the K-pop scene
TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ITZY, empathize with the Millennials.

Will the era of “four-generation idol” open in the music industry?

In the 1990s, the first generation led by H.O.T., Sechs Kies, Fin.K.L., S.E.S., as well as the second generation led by TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls in the 2000s, and the third generation with BTS, EXO and TWICE in the 2010s. Who will be the next star of the generation to take responsibility after BTS and EXO, which brilliantly lit up 2010? From 2020, the era of “four-generation idol” is expected to begin in earnest.


Among the representatives of the “four-generation idol” who will be in charge of the 2020s are boy group TXT, which will release a new album in May, and girl group ITZY, which made a comeback with its second mini-album “IT’z ME” last month.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN and HUENINGKAI) first appeared with their debut album “Dream Chapter: STAR” in March 2019. The name of the team means, “You and I, who are different from each other, gather together in one dream and make tomorrow together.” It drew attention as it was the birth of a “big new man” with its flawlessly clear, refreshing charm and impeccable ability.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER, who chants “ONE! DREAM!” as he greets, told the story of the experiences the boys faced while growing up on their debut album “Dream Chapter: STAR.” The title song “CROWN” expressed a boy’s growing pains in adolescence with the word “rhinol,” drawing fresh inspiration from the public and sympathy from teenagers living in the same era.

ITZY (YEJI, LIA, RYUJIN, CHAERYEONG and YUNA) started with their debut album “IT’z Different” in February 2019. Its team name includes the English meaning of “it,” which is written for a specific object and “it,” which it writes for the desired object, as well as the Korean meaning of “it” that it has all the charms expected from girl groups.

ITZY emphasized that it is a girl group with a special personality with its title track “DALLA DALLA” from its debut album. The song is also a newly created “Fusion Groove” track that breaks the existing K-pop format and melts the strengths of various genres such as EDM, house and hip-hop into one song. The lyrics are about respecting and loving the “me” who stands at the center of the world, and are aimed at the tastes of individuals in this era who seek the reason and meaning of their existence.

Global Attack upon Your Debut

“4th generation idol” TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ITZY, who received attention from around them for their distinct personalities, showed different reactions not only in Korea but also abroad. It is the change as third-generation idols, including BTS, which topped the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200” for the fourth consecutive time, took the lead in globalizing K-pop.

ccccccped iTunes’ “Top Album” charts in 25 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and India, on Oct. 21 last year, a day after its release.

ITZY also achieved 100 million views on YouTube on Tuesday with the title track “WANNABE” from its new album “IT’z ME.” It marks the third time after “DALLA DALLA” and “ICY” to have more than 100 million views. “IT’z ME” ranked fifth on Billboard’s “World Album” chart on March 21, while “WANNABE” ranked fourth in “World Digital Song Sales.”

I’m the one who’Fourth-generation keyword is “unique.”

In the first generation, which laid the foundation for the ’90s idol generation, the male group put the prince on a white horse and the female group put the fairy image ahead. It was a concept veiled with so-called “mysticism.” Entering the 2000s, second-generation idols with more systematic management and training from their agencies emerged. The third-generation idol group, which inherited their influence, has evolved further.

Fourth-generation idols take a step further from here. We shout that something is different It has the characteristics of the MZ generation, which is familiar with the digital environment and pursues the latest trends and unique experiences.

ITZY, which caught the eye with “DALLA DALLA,” emphasized confidence and confidence in “I” with “ICY.” In “WANNABE,” I proudly say that I’m the only one in my life.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER expresses “me” in a slightly different way. It details the process of finding “I” in two albums, touching the hearts of those who have passed that period or are passing by. Through “Dream Chapter: MAGIC,” boys solved the magical moments that happen with their friends. They express and share the changes, confusion and exploding emotions they experience as they grow.

Idols’ characteristics are also changing with the trend of the times. The point is that it develops one step higher than the previous generation. The future of the K-pop industry is expected in 2020 for the leaders of the fourth-generation idol groups.

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